I have heard many times before that this person is really a operative or that person is part of the same corrupt system.
Well, mark Oct.3 2017 the day i found out the truth.
I was researching the Las Vegas shooting event and found some serious evidence of a hoax, then i posted it on a video on the Infowars youtube channel.
What do you know what happened next, the video was deleted and the users uploading their videos to youtube and facebook are being deleted too.

From videos of foods and water being throw away in Puerto Rico hurricane Maria disaster to uploads of seriously questionable content that suggest fake or staged operations.

I have come to the conclusion that there is no real news network or organizations that are totally truthful. None!
Just think about it.
So many people murdered and/or gone missing but these large popular right news teams just keep on going? No.
Now it seems that Trump is slowly joining the dark side and this whole thing is a stage and all connected.
The only thing that is left are the people so basically there is really nothing left.
The government doesn’t care and the TV people are just foolers.
The End.

My heaven and my love never will diminish.