I like music, video games, nice clothes, good foods, fine wines and fine women but in all seriousness, it does not obscure my awareness of our declining world structure.
I feel alone in my tears for humanity because i can’t find anyone who feels the way i do for our lives and future.
I try to talk to someone like a close friend or my fiance about a important topic like the collapsing dollar by sharing some facts and current examples. When i do they tend to agree but quickly move off topic to something like a celebrity or new fancy gadget.
– Now i like films and gadgets but not when it takes place of greater importance than our deteriorating society.
It also hurts to have them look at me like im some weirdo or psychotic with sick mental issues (maybe i do have mental issues) but how crazy is it to throw attention on something you know is killing you slowly.
For months i tend to just ignore things out of tiredness from being thought of as a coo coo but every now and then something appears that reinforces my viewpoints.

Have we become a species of zombified mindless drones where all these paper, plastic and metal objects matter to us more than our own rights to be the creative gods we are?
Yes, because i am one of them. Im not entirely there but i live the similar life.
Im a internet, cigarette, video game, movies and music addict.
I often feel dead and useless. God…