The numeral dollar figure you see above is the current estimated National Debt which is updated every few seconds or so.
See here also:
I am appalled… no i am stunned! How in the world are we to pay this debt?
The worse part is while many Americans don’t care i really believe it s because of 2 things.
1. People don’t care because they feel there is nothing they can do about it.
2. They don’t care because they don’t even know what a huge national debt even means.
There are more reasons im sure but i suspect it is mainly the first two above.

What is very sad to me is that i discuss this with my friends and family but they always change the subject and if i persist then they think im crazy.
This is just a fraction of what is going on out there but this really stands out like some sick joke but it is no joke at all.
What will it cost to fill your gas tank in a few years? $500?
What will rent or taxes be? Gas and electricity bills. A gallon of milk. A toll fair or maybe it will soon cost something for us to breathe.
Where is the end?
I seriously don’t know what to do. Talk to a cop or community leader only add to the list of those who think im crazy.
I am dying to leave the country and learn another language but i have family here and they don’t want to leave.
Seriously, what do i do? Im not getting any richer, not getting younger, not really getting healthier and am losing my mind.
This December i received my yearly physical check up test results from the Doc. Everything with me great in general, sugar, cholesterol etc etc.
The check up results has for the first time almost gave me a split personality disposition in not being sure if i wanted to hear if something is wrong with me or not. On one hand im glad im fairly healthy but on the other i think i would have relieved if i was heading home and i mean my true peaceful home.
Sometimes i wish i was asleep like everyone else and i keep finding myself trying to back to dreamland but it doesn’t work.
What a mess we have here.

If there is no solution then we need an end.