From December 2010 (or earlier) to now January 2011 there have been some strange reported occurrences of thousands of dead birds found across the world seen here on the Google World Map.
Not just birds are mysteriously dying off but fish and marine life in general too so that there is something to take even more seriously.

Lets examine the birds for now:
Reports, examinations and testimonies of some people witnessing these birds in their dying events tell us that the birds seem to appear disoriented, lost and lose control to the point where they supposedly kill themselves accidentally.
This we know so far. Reports and examinations came in stating that they suffered from serious stress and/or trauma with few other report show their middle body insides where somewhat or somehow mash and/or liquidized with some cases of them having rubbery feet.

Many opinions from scientists or have circulated around stating silly explanations from it is because of the new year fireworks to the cold weather but by now we know this isn’t the case as we find these dead animals appearing nearly in worldwide regions with a variety environments ranging in different temperatures and weather conditions on land and in water.

What i don’t understand is instead of making such silly assumptions and speculations why isn’t anyone talking about how these animals live? What are their habits, feeding patterns, migrations, navigation, weaknesses and so on so we can determine what is causing their deaths?
Well lets just do:
How does a bird navigate?
Several animal species use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate ranging from birds and mammals to reptiles and insects. Earth’s magnetic field is very subtle or weak (the magnetic field ranges from approximately 30 to 60 millionths of one tesla and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses magnetic fields from 1.5 to 3.0 tesla).
Mystified scientists couldn’t understand how birds navigate to such weak magnetic fields but there was a discovery that may have helped understand how they do it. Read Here to see.
Like many other species of animals, birds use these magnetic weak fields to navigate or simply put to get from place to place safely.

So if you follow me so far ill get a bit technical now.
Light photoreceptors have been detected in retinas of migratory birds when they perform magnetic orientation their photochemical compass (in their retinas) may simulate how migrating birds use the magnetic field, along with light, to navigate.
Basically birds use the Earth’s weak magnetic field and light to navigate around safely.

Borrowed info:
A new study, funded by the National Science Foundation and detailed online in the April 30, 2008 issue of the journal Nature, shows that the photochemical model becomes sensitive to the magnitude and direction of weak magnetic fields similar to Earth’s when exposed to light.

A synthesized photochemical molecule composed of linked carotenoid (C), porphyrin (P) and fullerene (F) units can act as a magnetic compass, the researchers found. When excited with light, CPF forms a short-lived charge-separated state with a negative charge on the ball-like fullerene unit and a positive charge on the rod-like carotenoid unit. The charge-separated state lasts only as long as the magnitude and direction the field stays constant.
End Borrow:

Why would this be of any significance?
I am trying to use some common sense here and narrow it down instead of it listening to these qualified experts with their ridiculous explanations (God help us).
Could it be a disease that is causing this to many species of animals on land and in water? Sure it can but as common sense dictates, it is not likely the case when you look at the reports and information out there but disease is not ruled out as a possibility.

In my opinion, i believe there is a subtle electromagnetic or magnetic (same thing?) disruption in and around our precious Earth.
Seems to me what would cause a bird to experience stress or trauma would be that it is under a sense of brief chronic de-orientation which would send them crashing into things even in flocks.
What could cause this any better other than a unbalance between their sense of the magnetic field and light they use to navigate?
From other reported examinations this could explain their mashed up insides but not really why it would be almost liquidized unless im missing something about the results or other example of birds having liquidized insides from any other cause.
Reason i believe it could be a subtle disruption in the Earth’s magnetic field is because of all the weird record breaking cold weather or large temperature changes we are having worldwide.
Of course it is not the weather or temperatures im talking about here but maybe a change in the Earth’s magnetic field that is sending them to their graves.

Again this is probably the most sensible and obvious explanation due to the quick time frame and wide regional range of these events but here is one interesting report that would imply disease or some type of virus:
Phillipino resident eat dead fish and get very sick
Being the results of pollution would explain why the residents have become very sick as the fish may be polluted but that would only show pollution as a possibility in that one area if reports of consumed dead found fish only is reported from area.
Ide sure wouldn’t want people to start eating dead found fish somewhere on the other side of the globe to confirm if it is just mere pollution or some virus.
Pollution just wouldn’t almost simultaneously cause dead fish to appear in various wide stretches parts of the globe, it just doesn’t make sense.
For the disease part of it i could only speculate how it could of occurred.
If by a virus or some toxic element then this would have to be coming from our seas. Something could pass up through the waters and up into our atmosphere or air which would explain the dead fish (small sea life) and dead birds with their mashed insides.
What could the ocean be releasing or maybe something falling in from space? Might methane be releasing itself worldwide? Methane which when released into the atmosphere one could see on a sunset over the ocean some purplish clouds floating by (couldn’t find the youtube video but will update this if i find it) but the other effects of large quantities of methane released into the atmosphere i don’t know much about yet.
Methane i do know is a greenhouse gas that does degrade our ozone layer and just some quick info:
If anyone didn’t know by now there are large amounts of methane leaking into the atmosphere from a section of seafloor under the East Siberian Arctic Shelf. You can look this up.

Ok lets see if we can look for some toxic source or use some example:
The big Gulf oil spill (can you even call it that?) or better said the continuing Gulf Oil Disaster could be the trigger or a contributor somehow but you never these days. What you never know these days also is the videos or news is either misleadingly fake or the real deal. Here is some footage of the Gulf sea floor:

I hope this is fake but how would you confirm anything is authentic these days? Notice how the sea floor kinda hiccups several feet up which is pretty scary and this footage was around august 2010 (if im not mistaken) and don’t even want to know the Gulf status by now.

I think ill rap this up for now as im kinda tired.
One could debate how could the Gulf region affect our wildlife globally but the fact of the matter is that there is a serious problem going on here and this is really no time to speculate. We have to make crucial decisions, take an educated guess and hope for the best.
So there you go and to be alive today witnessing these biblical revelations type of events unfolding is not a comfortable feeling.
Seriously, what a huge mess we made of this place.
God help us.

Lord Illicious