From time to time I have much trouble convincing people of obvious facts from our food source being tampered with to the quality of the North American medical industry but most people these days seem to learn thing much better if it was show to them on a ipod/ipad TV screen or video online.

So here is one nice video that explains how the things that we worship (like a bunch of babies) have a default contract to a limited time of functionality. In other words, stuff like a ipad or a TV to even a simple light bulb are all designed to only last a limited amount of time.
You could purchase something like a car today and will either have to begin repairs on it in a few years or will have to buy another one a few years later.
Nothing is ever made to last these days. Not even your health.

This nasty disease of human beings where everything is the selling of crap so you can live has gone ridiculous.
Yes i enjoy stuff myself like video games, movies and nice TVs but i could live without them if i could trade them all for some real tranquility.
I miss the days of going out playing ball, going for walks with friends and doing unhealthy but healthy active things like going to diner with friends and have a cigarette afterwards.
Debates about history, science and other things are gone. Now days the parks are filled with much strong drugs and much heavier use of them.
We are now zombified to our TV, PCs and cute items.
Our women are becoming men and men are more sissified than ever. Use to be that women never liked fighting and men didn’t care about another man. Now men have turned into such bitches where they care about how another man looks, wears, walks, talks or anything. Penis envy is running wild in males now this is becoming more of an issue to women as themselves act like they have penises.
They value of yourself has depleted considerably.
Tramp stamps is the mark of a desecrated resource. The greatest resource of them all is the female which is being thrown into a pit of garbage while their children suffer the shame.
The males have supported this and those who have not have been the outcast forever.

I will never join this culture of retards. You have lost another sublime angel.