The Good, The Bad and the Ass Slam. Yep, slammin asses is what we do best and though it can be messy or smelly at times we make sure to take all the precautionary measures to ensure a great Ass Slam.
Wait. What is a “Ass Slam” you may wonder?
Well an Ass Slam is anything in your heart you desire that you feel an Ass Slam is.
Few Examples:
Take someone and then slam them down on the dinner table Ass first without breaking the table but with a loud bang.
When you are eating something that tastes very very good you can say “Thats Ass Slammin” or “Thats Slammin Ass good”!
You can also use it as a compliment saying something like ‘Man, you have a Slammin Ass crib’ or “You’re crib Slams heavy Ass”!

There are many uses and examples i can show you but i think by now you have the general idea of it.
See ya online.