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The Madness of a Lost Society

I like music, video games, nice clothes, good foods, fine wines and fine women but in all seriousness, it does not obscure my awareness of our declining world structure.
I feel alone in my tears for humanity because i can’t find anyone who feels the way i do for our lives and future.
I try to talk to someone like a close friend or my fiance about a important topic like the collapsing dollar by sharing some facts and current examples. When i do they tend to agree but quickly move off topic to something like a celebrity or new fancy gadget.
– Now i like films and gadgets but not when it takes place of greater importance than our deteriorating society.
It also hurts to have them look at me like im some weirdo or psychotic with sick mental issues (maybe i do have mental issues) but how crazy is it to throw attention on something you know is killing you slowly.
For months i tend to just ignore things out of tiredness from being thought of as a coo coo but every now and then something appears that reinforces my viewpoints.

Have we become a species of zombified mindless drones where all these paper, plastic and metal objects matter to us more than our own rights to be the creative gods we are?
Yes, because i am one of them. Im not entirely there but i live the similar life.
Im a internet, cigarette, video game, movies and music addict.
I often feel dead and useless. God…

Santana – Soul Sacrifice Woodstock (1969)

A look into Final Fantasy XIV

Being an old gamer, i have played it all from pong in the 70s, console classics to the latest arcade craze but recently a new adventure in MMORPG gaming has surfaced from Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XIV

Still very early in it’s lifespan FFXIV has awkwardly given us a new twist in MMOs.

While presently playing FFXI since it’s launch date i would hate to share any negativity with FFXIV but in this case it is so overwhelming that i think it is safe to share my views as fellow gamers have also been very disappointed with the game so far.
So without any long boring writing that im sure many have already read across the net, ill just state a few of my personal good and bad points with some in between.

Whats Good:

First off the graphics are top notch (best ive seen) which have deeply rich colors and fullness.
The customization of your character is very diverse with many models that include a nice array of skin and facial features.
The zones are very huge and stretch beyond the expectation of exploration.
The characters and monsters are very well animated and move fluently.

Whats So So:

The battle system is ok. No auto attack this time round but not a problem.
Classes are not exactly jobs but why was this done this way, i don’t know.
As a caster (mage class or magic user) you must hold a weapon to cast magic so no more free hands.
The user interface is ok but the user menu (like the inventory) is kinda slow but not a problem.

Whats Bad:

Repair system is the worst thing ive even seen. It just reeks of annoyance and useless waste of devalue.
Community economy is very unorganized with no central system for any economic balance.
Although great, some graphic textures are exaggeratedly repeated from the models to the surface patterns.
Dependency on others to craft or repair your stuff unless you wish to level the craft classes yourself which would be your exhausting primary role in the game.
Where are the leaders and governance? Cities do not have any primary governor or anyone in charge to give you a standing status of patriotism.

Here is one issue i see with the Black Shroud that i have found to be the worst and best zone ive seen so far:

The area is gorgeous and very rich in terms of a magical forest but after spending some time there you will begin to notice that as some of the models are repeated throughout the land of Eorzea, here you will see them abused the worst.
You will run into the same log with the same amount of bushes places exactly the way it was farther down the trail.
You will find the same tree with several trunks joining into one trunk many times throughout the zone.
Everything here is like a maze with very long and useless pathways instead of big open useless areas which instead would give some sense to a zone.
You will wonder how can a rich forest exist with so many huge boulders and rocks all around you. This just isn’t sensible.
Now bring up the map of the area and the zone worsens.
Notice everything is mostly made up of right angles and blocks making it seem this zone was created with a simple RPG maker for retards. I mean, what were they thinking when making this zone?!
Seriously, why or what the hell happened to this beautiful zone?

What else can i share that hasn’t been said already?

It’s a love or hate it game but i still don’t know what to make of it.

The Who at Woodstock 69 – Summertime Blues

Super heavy kick ass stuff! The sad thing is that ive only recently discovered this…

GTA 4 Custom Textures

Some mods i didn’t get to finish because on the PC version of the online GTA4 multiplayer experience has gone so heavily stupid with endless ridiculous cheats and mods that i don’t bother no more.
Now i just stick to the PS3 version which i can’t mod any of the textures (yet) but it is still fine to play online without all the crazy cheats.
Here is a little something i was doing:


Stinky winky smelly welly potato salad in the ass sandwich.
Sorry, It’s my first post and im just testing things out here…
Anyways, lets break the ice with my gurl Janis Joplin:

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